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    Computers Are Dumb Not You
  Mission Statement
CADNY Computer Services will strive to keep abreast of the latest developments in technology and base its advice and recommendations on the best information available at the time, not just apply the same old answers used in the past because we have already done the research. Ours is a dynamic industry, forever changing and improving. It is easy to come up with "an answer" in technology; we will always try to give our client's the right answer.

CADNY Computer Services will attempt to make decisions and recommendations based on what is best for the client; CADNY Computer Services realizes that in many ways a technology consultant is like a doctor or a mechanic - our clients need to be able to trust not only that we know what we are talking about, but that we have their interests at heart. CADNY Computer Services will never take advantage of a client's lack of knowledge to increase our profits or decrease our workload. We are in this because we are good at it and enjoy what we do, because there are a lot of people who need help and we can give it - money is not our primary motivation.

People Talk
CADNY Computer Services will try to communicate with an awareness that the average person, rightfully, is not going to be familiar with some computer terms and concepts. We will make sure we are understood by our customers. We will talk "people talk," our goal being that a client walks away knowing what we said, not knowing how smart we sounded.

CADNY Computer Services will always treat you with respect. We will never talk down to you or in any way imply that you are not intelligent because you are struggling with technology. CADNY Computer Services realizes that technology is still in its infancy and therefore requires such a tremendous amount of time to master that anyone in his or her right mind would go back to living real life long before becoming an "expert." We will never practice "oneupsmanship," a client's dignity is job one. This is the cornerstone of our business philosophy and can be summed up with our name itself - Computers Are Dumb Not You!

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